Field Trips

Field Trips

August – October
Weekdays Only

8:00 am – 3:00 pm

2021 News.  Due to many Local School Districts not allowing students to take field trips due to Covid.  We are not going to offer our “Guided” Field trips as we have in the past.  You can still book a trip with us though, but these will be self guided.

For this year,  you can set up a date and time to come our by calling our office.  We are only going to charge $4 per child and adult. 

  1. You will park near the front of the farm.  In the front you can visit the Main barn/gift barn and Animal Barn. 
  2. When your group is ready, we will give you a hayride to the back area of the farm. You can pack lunches and bring them on the Hayride to eat the Pavilion. The corn maze, playground, and Picnic Shelters will be available. 
  3. Everyone will also get to “Pick a Pumpkin” to take home, before riding the hayride back to the buses.

Since this is a “Self Guided tour” (much like a trip to the zoo), we recommend a chaperone for each 5 or so children.

Please call our office to schedule your Field Trip and we will be looking forward to seeing you soon! 859-689-2682


Field trips to the farm are an awesome adventure! The average tour is 2.5 hours long or 3 hours with lunch.

  1. Morning greeting and skit located in the large greenhouse. We break the students up into groups at this point.
  2. Animal Stations – Goats/Calf, Sheep/Alpacas/Camel, Chickens/Peacocks/Ducks, Pony/Burros, Pigs, Emu/Rabbits. Each station has a farmer that will talk about the animals and then let the students ask questions. Many of the stations are hands on!
  3. Hayride to our Picnic Shelter for Lunch
  4. Pick a pumpkin out of the Field
  5. Hayride back to the Greenhouse
  6. Closing and Goodbyes with a cup of Apple Cider!
The price per child is $7. Teachers and staff are FREE. 

Please fulfill the form below for inquiries.